CHANGE OF PLANS – No Livestreaming at St. Anna on Sunday, March 22

Please forgive this late notice. We’ve made a change of plans. Regrettably, we’ve encountered some logistical limitations which will keep us from Livestreaming our services tomorrow morning so Fr. Stephen has asked that we participate in the streaming of the services being offered at St. Ignatius tonight and tomorrow. Please go to the St. Ignatius Facebook page to join their services – You can find the live-stream of the St. Ignatius services in 3 different places:

1. On their Facebook page:

2. On their church website:

3. In each relevant calendar event on the website:


  • You do NOT have to have a Facebook account to access the stream.
  • When using the link on our website, you will see the next active service on the page.
  • After each live-stream service, you will be able to access a recording of the service in their Facebook videos:
  • Each of these links should also work on your mobile device.
    If you would like to have a copy of the hymns and prayers being offered during these services you can find them at the Antiochian Archdiocese website –

Bishop NICHOLAS’ First Visit to St. Anna

On the occasion of our very first Episcopal visit at St Anna Orthodox Christian Church, His Grace Bishop NICHOLAS prayed Great Vespers with us on Sunday, August 18, 2019. Truly an historic event for the first known Orthodox Christian Bishop to ever visit and pray in Columbia, TN! We were encouraged to remain faithful to God, pray for those in our community and invite them to join us.