We have a new address!

For the last 18 months, we’ve been meeting at Agathos Classical School in Columbia. We continue to have a great relationship with the school, and they have been incredibly generous with our use of their space. Without their support, our current momentum would likely not be possible, but we continue to be amazed at the acceptance and growth in this community, thanks be to God (and to the faculty and administrators from Agathos).

In recent months, we’ve begun to test the limits of our use of the Agathos space and so starting in January we began looking for a new, more permanent location we could call our own. It took a concerted group effort of research, deliberation, and negotiation to get to this point, but as of yesterday (March 6th) at 5PM, St. Anna Orthodox Christian Church is now the lease-holder of the 4,000 square foot space at 700 Woodland Street Columbia, TN 38401.

We’ve signed a 5-year lease, with the option to renew, so this is a space which we pray to soon call home for years to come. Before we move into the space, we will need to complete an extensive build-out because currently it’s a large open building that requires some modifications to meet Columbia city codes for our use—but we’re beginning that process immediately.

What This Means For You:
1. We will continue to meet for services at Agathos Classical School until the build-out is completed (likely late April or early May).
2. We will continue to request your prayers for our mission efforts, and an extra prayer for all those working on this build-out.
3. As we near build-out completion, we will keep you updated on our progress and announce our first services in the new building.
4. For any correspondence via mail (including donations), please begin using 700 Woodland St Columbia, TN 38401.
5. If you are able to make any one-time financial contributions to support this building effort, please do.

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