Parish Life Conference 2019 – Raleigh, NC

Holy Fire is at St. Anna

The Holy Fire from the Paschal Liturgy at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem is at St. Anna and will be available for you to take home with you beginning on Sunday tomorrow. Please bring your own candle or lantern to use to transport the flame as a blessing to your home. You can read more about the Holy Fire at this link:

Approved Floor Plan!

The floor plans have been drawn up and approved by many in Columbia TN as we get closer and closer to beginning our renovation phase at our new building. Exciting days for St Anna Orthodox Christian Church in Columbia!

St. Anna is now on Google

St Anna Orthodox Christian Church is NOW ON GOOGLE! Please search on Google for St.Anna RIGHT NOW and write a review in order to increase the placement of our church so it will show up higher in the Google searches and be more easily found by visitors and new-comers..

Chanters Class

Chanters Class begins NEXT Wednesday, May 29 at 6pm. Please join us for Liturgical Jazz, a 10-week introductory class on chanting. All you need to bring with you is an open mind, a willingness to make mistakes, and a desire to learn Byzantine Chant.
No previous musical knowledge is required to learn Byzantine Chant (in fact, you may have to unlearn certain aspects of Western music to practice Byzantine chant well). At the end of this 10-week introductory class, you should have a working knowledge of the purpose & terminology of Byzantine Chant, how to pick up any piece of text and melodically pray (or intone), and be ready to chant in your own prayer practice or with your fellow chanters during Liturgical services. Please email to sign up for this class (which is free, other than the requirement of your time).
Your servant in the risen Christ, John Meese